Annotated Bibliography


Espinoza, Rossana 2006, What are Digital Artefacts?, E-Learning Tools, viewed 31 March 2016,<>

Despite the abundance of information we were given in lectures and tutorials about what a digital artefact is, I still felt uncertain as to what is encompassed within a digital artefact. During my research, I found this concise yet informative description of what is to be expected from my digital artefact. In juxtaposing this source with the information I received in tutorials and lectures, I feel as though this validated my knowledge and digital artefact idea. The simplistic description explained in this source contributed greatly to my understanding and consolidation of my own digital artefact.


Aesop 2016, Aesop Fables, viewed on 10 April 2016,<>

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

This source is a quote that I have admired for a long time. It is a quote from the famous story ‘The Lion and the Mouse’. Often people do something nice for someone else with the expectation of that person to return the act or favour. As our digital artefact aims to spread kindness and create a ‘ripple effect’, the notion of doing any small act of kindness, without expecting anything in return, has immensely inspired our artefact. The lesson that is taught through the fable and quote is to respond to one’s kindness by displaying kindness to another, to start and continue the ripple. The fable itself is an outdated medium of communication and our Instagram account is a modern reinterpretation of the message, allowing audiences to easily engage with our content.


Wahba, O 2014, TED Talk Kindness, Online Video, Published on 6 Dec, YouTube, Viewed 11 April 2016,< >

This source is a TED Talk YouTube video about kindness. It features a woman’s desire to change the world, one act of kindness at a time. She discusses a project that she started in a middle school, ‘Acts of Kindness Cards’, to emphasize how one act of kindness can have a profound impact. This inspired our Instagram account as it provides a public platform for people to share their own experiences with random acts of kindness, with the hope of inspiring others to execute their own acts of kindness, continuing the ripple effect that kindness has.


Life Vest Inside, Kindness Boomerang- “One Day”, Online Video, Published on 29 August 2011, YouTube, Viewed on 11 April 2016, < >

This source is a YouTube video posted by ‘Life Vest Inside’, a company that aims to “Empower and unite the world with kindness”. This video shows just how effortlessly an act of kindness can inspire another to replicate not the act itself, but the feeling an individual gets when they experience kindness. This video is a perfect example what we want to achieve through our digital artefact. The simplicity of kindness, displayed in the video, provides an insight into the small things in life that can have a huge impact on another’s life, an aspect we want people to take away from our digital artefact.



TheKindnessEffect, 2013, The Kindness Effect, Instagram Blog, Viewed 15 April 2016, <>

This source is in Instagram account called ‘The Kindness Effect’. It is a successful Instagram account dedicated towards showcasing all that is encompassed within kindness. This has greatly influenced how we designed the visual aspect of our ‘Kindness_daily’ account. Through the use of pastel colours in conjunction with quotes and photographs their Instagram account has a very visually aesthetic appearance. The 10 000+ followers of this account have demonstrated to us the potential we have to reach and impact a large audience and how the visual aesthetics and placement of images in a social media account, can be beneficial to the success of a public account.


Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh, 2016, 12 Kinds of Kindness, Viewed on 13 April 2016, < >

 12 Kinds of Kindness, 2016, 12 Kinds of Kindness Overview, Online Video, Published on 11 Jan 2016, YouTube, Viewed on 14 April 2016, < >

This source is a website that is interlinked with a YouTube account. Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman are two New Yorkers who created a series as 12 steps as a way to become kinder, more empathetic people. Their website describes each of the steps, with accompanying amusing videos and their own personal stories relating to that step. Their YouTube account consists of 12 short videos, putting their theory into practice around Manhattan. This has been a great example of what a digital artefact is, and has been an integral reference point for the creation of our own digital artefact.


Amanda Lenhart, 2015, Teens, Kindness and Cruelty on Social Network Sites, PewResearch Center, Viewed 25 April 2016, <>

This is a source centred around statistics relating to online bullying. The article discusses a survey undertaken where adults and teenagers were asked various questions surrounding the frequency of mean behaviour experienced on social media. “Among social media users, 88% of teens have seen someone be mean or cruel to another person on a social network site.”. This helped us decide on what platforms to use for our digital artefact, which is social media platforms. Having direct interaction with our audience through social media allows us to have an instant impact through the messages we are sending, essentially starting the rippling effect of kindness. We will aim to eliminate online social media bullying.


David R. Hamilton PhD, 2016, 5 Side Effects of Kindness, David R Hamilton PHD: Using Science to Inspire, Viewed on 16 April 2016, <>

This article discusses the side effects of kindness in relation to our physical health. The article uses a combination of biological explanations for the reasons our health changes as a result of kindness. The fifth side effect discussed is that ‘Kindness is Contagious’. “When we’re kind we inspire others to be kind and studies show that it actually creates a ripple effect that spreads outwards to our friends’ friends’ friends – to 3-degrees of separation.”. The physical benefits of kindness only add to the importance of the effects our digital artefact will have on our audience, enforcing our choice to be based on social media platforms for our digital artefact.


TheEllenShow, Ellen Wins the People’s Choice Humanitarian Award!, Online Video, Published on 6 Jan 2016, YouTube, Viewed 17 April 2016, <>

This source is a speech delivered by Ellen DeGeneres when she received her award at the 2016 People’s Choice Awards, where she attained the Award for Favorite Humanitarian. She’s raised $12.5 million for breast cancer research, $10 million for survivors of Hurricane Katrina; she’s given $1.7 million to schools, $21.6 to charity, and $35 million to her own viewers in need. For an average person this would be impossible, however it is what DeGeneres states in her acceptance speech that resonated with me, and has influenced our digital artefact. Her speech centered around the importance of generosity and kindness and she emphasized how “Kindness is something that we should all have. That’s an innate quality that we have, and we need more of that out there.”. On a more achievable level for individuals, it is DeGeneres’s attitude towards kindness that we are aiming to share.


Colour Affects, 2011, Psychological Properties Of Colours, Colour Affects, Viewed on 17 April 2016, <>

This source is a website explaining the affects of colour. The psychological properties of colour’s can impact positively and/or negatively on an individual, and if harnessed correctly, could impact largely on the success of a public social media account. Our Instagram account encompasses a range of strategic colour’s including white, for sophistication and clarity, black for glamour and emotional safety and green for balance and peace. It is extremely important to incorporate a visually aesthetic colour scheme to achieve strong audience engagement and to generate the highest number of views possible. The website examines the effects of different wave lengths in colour’s on human beings, thus their impacts, subsequently confirming why this has and will continue to be a helpful source.


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